​Organic Smoked Sliced Chicken


Deli-sliced RTE smoked chicken. Available in zipper-closure 7 ounce retail packs or bulk sliced foodservice. High pressure processed. Also available in unsliced bulk logs. Refrigerated.


Product Info

  • Certified organic processed meat and poultry products
  • Extraordinarily competitive price points
  • Distinctive whole animal utilization business model
  • Branded retail, branded foodservice, and private label retail
  • Reduces waste.
  • Creates exceptional value for the consumer.
  • Increases industry efficiencies which decreases primary-cut costs.
  • Enhances retailer/restaurant value perception in better-for-you foods space.
  • Empowers consumers to make healthier food choices.
  • Creates new demand for organic meats with budget-conscious consumer segment.