About Tendergrass Farms

Sustaining Families

Who We Are

The Tendergrass Farms vision was born from my own life experience. Having owned and operated my family’s organic livestock farm, I knew firsthand both the value of our organic chicken, turkey, pork, and beef as well as the challenge of selling the entire animal. There were frequently certain organic meat and poultry cuts that we couldn’t even give away for free.

As a husband and father of eight growing children, I also knew that organic meats were very expensive. Even in my own home, difficult decisions often had to be made between cost and quality. I recognized that we were not alone.

In 1999, we set out on a journey that would eventually bring resolution to this paradox. Today, Tendergrass Farms does one thing extraordinarily well: by utilizing the whole animal, we offer organic, NAE, and clean label meat products to further processors and brand owners at an astonishingly competitive cost. Thank you for partnering with us in our vision of Sustaining Families™.

At your service,

John Paul Houston


Tendergrass Distinctives

  • Organic, NAE, and clean label meat and poultry ingredients
  • Extraordinarily competitive price points
  • Distinctive whole animal utilization business model
  • Research and development support

Cost-Engineered Ingredients

  • Enhances brand value perception in better-for-you foods space
  • Empowers consumers to make healthier food choices
  • Creates new demand for organic, NAE, and clean label meats with budget-conscious consumer segment

Whole Animal Utilization

  • Reduces waste
  • Creates exceptional value for the manufacturer
  • Increases industry efficiencies which decreases primary-cut costs