Finely Textured Pork

Organic or ABF Finely Textured Pork Trim, derived from pork bones using pressure-based advanced meat recovery technology. Read More

Organic Ground Chicken

USDA Certified Organic Finely Ground Chicken, made from organic boney dark meat chicken utilizing Beehive®-type bone exclusion technology. Read More

Clean Label Lard

Clean label, preservative free, pork lard. Packed in 50 # cubes for ease of use in foodservice and industrial applications. Read More

Who We Are

The Tendergrass Farms vision was born from my own life experience. Having managed my family’s organic livestock farm, I knew firsthand both the value of our superior meats and the challenge of selling the entire animal. There were frequently certain organic meat cuts that we couldn’t even give away for free.

As a husband and father of eight growing children, I also knew that organic meats were very expensive. Even in my own home, difficult decisions often had to be made between cost and quality. I recognized that we were not alone.

In 1999, we set out on a journey that would eventually bring resolution to this paradox. Today, Tendergrass Farms does one thing extraordinarily well: by utilizing the whole animal, we offer organic, NAE, and clean label meat products at an astonishingly competitive cost. Thank you for partnering with us in our vision of Sustaining Families™.

At your service,

John Paul Houston, President

Tendergrass Distinctives

  • Certified organic, NAE & clean label processed meat and poultry products
  • Extraordinarily competitive price points
  • Distinctive whole animal utilization business model
  • Branded retail, branded foodservice, and private label retail
  • Empowering consumers to make healthier food choices
  • Creating new demand for organic, NAE & clean label meats with budget-conscious consumer segment

Why Choose Us


We produce certified organic, NAE and clean label processed meat and poultry products


We endeavor to provide manufacturers new access to organic protein options at extraordinarily competitive price points


Tendergrass delivers it's partners branded retail, branded foodservice, and private label retail options


Distinctive whole animal utilization business model: Reduces waste, creates exceptional value for the manufacturer and increases industry efficiencies which decreases primary-cut costs


Our Whole Animal Utilization Reduces waste while Increasing industry efficiencies


Value Oriented Organic Protein Enhances manufacturer, retailer, and restaurant value perception in better-for-you foods space


Providers of Value Oriented Organic Protein, empowering consumers to make healthier food choices


Creates new demand for organic, NAE and clean label meats with budget-conscious consumer segment

Meet The Team

  • David Maren

    David grew up on top of Muddy Creek Mountain in rural West Virginia in a vegetarian hippie family. From an early age, however, he had a passion for eating meat. The subculture that he grew up in strongly emphasized the importance of sustainable organic farming so before David was 14 years old he owned a goat (which he used to convert his lawn into protein) and worked butchering organic chickens on his neighbor's small family farm. David eventually took a job running father-in-law's organic livestock farm in Floyd, Virginia. It was there that David began to get acquainted with the challenges of whole carcass utilization and the high cost of organic meat. Within a few short years, Tendergrass Farms was born from David's vision to make affordable organic meats available to everyone through a novel nose-to-tail product development strategy.

    Chief Executive Officer - David Maren

  • John Paul

    John Paul is a finance expert with a well rounded background in both small and large enterprise management. A seasoned entrepreneur and business professional, John Paul has founded multiple companies in the agribusiness and investment sectors. John Paul and his wife, Lorraine, are parents of eight children and have five grandchildren. A native of Floyd, VA John Paul has served in numerous roles ranging from his early days as Regional Sales Manager with Virginia Farm Bureau to chairman of the Bank of Floyd and Cardinal Bankshares Corp. in more recent years.

    President - John Paul

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